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Supervision Entertainment SuperMag HeartMate II

LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Dec 5, 2006 -- Supervision Entertainment Inc. (Other OTC:SVET.PK - News) has been overwhelmed by the worldwide response on the announcement of its 'SuperMag' engine/generator. Countless offers have been made to secure territorial marketing rights from dozens of countries. The first territorial rights have been sold to Canada for $11.5 million subject to independent testing and includes an ongoing residual for the company on each unit sold.

Using two of nature's most powerful natural forces, the north and south magnetic fields within a proprietary and exclusive design, the motor will generate electricity and heat to power a home thus removing the home from reliance on the electrical grid systems and heating oil currently used. As the SuperMag generator is scalable it can be used to power any size structure. This is a unique, innovative and revolutionary environmental product.

The SuperMag generator, which requires no fossil-based fuel source and is environmentally perfect, will be subjected to independent testing over a period of one year to fully evaluate its effectiveness as a replacement option for all homes worldwide over the traditional electrical and heating suppliers. Should the testing prove positive, this revolutionary approach to home power requirements truly has a worldwide market. Every home and structure in the world may be able to utilize this product. Once purchased there are no ongoing monthly electrical or heating charges or costs to the consumer. The company wishes to thank all those who have contributed further marketing ideas for this product, including a number of applications regarding automobiles.

Supervision Entertainment Inc. is a multi faceted company involved in Hi-Tech and entertainment and through its subsidiary has VOD contracts with companies such as Google, Netflix and others.

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Tuesday December 5, 6:00 am ET Supervision Entertainment Inc. (Ticker Symbol SVET) Announces World Wide Marketing Interest in 'SuperMag' Alternate Energy Source: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance
Since the FDA gave the big thumbs up to a fully implantable artificial heart earlier this month, cardiac surgeon "Bud" Frazier and his team at the Texas Heart Institute aren't wasting any time in developing what they hope will be a fully-functioning, pulse-free artificial heart. The "continuous flow pump" channels deoxygenated blood through the entire body on a non-stop basis, and over two years of testing in cattle, has resulted in lengthening the lives of the previously terminal cud chewers. Replacement hearts that are currently available are too large to fit into folks without "large chest cavities" (including most women), and due to the vast quantity of moving parts, aren't guaranteed to function for an extended period of time. Frazier's alternative, however, is about the size of "an adult thumb," consists of a single moving part (the rotor), and has been designed to keep the blood moving for ten or more years. The HeartMate II can even respond dynamically to the needs of the body, so more blood is circulated when busting a move, and less is pumped when kicking back for a soothing game of competitive relaxation. While the long-term consequences of living a pulseless life are still under debate, Frazier's group is hoping to move forward with development -- and apparently challenge medical personnel everywhere to find a new way to monitor those vital signs.
HeartMate II: the pulse-free artificial heart - Engadget

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