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gabydewilde - magnetic lag - free energy

After some playing around with magnets I have come to the following design. First a description of the 2 kinds of parts. Then a drawing of the device and finally the theory explaining why it all works.


This represents a magnet glued to the center of a disk that is fixed on an axle(not shown).

4 magnets glued into spacings of a similar disk also fixed on an axle(also not shown) The position of the magnets is what the invention is all about. Over each 90 degees the next magnet is rotated 90 degrees.

The device

Here we have 4 such wheels of the second kind- positioned around one of the first kind-described above. The 4 (primary) wheels are to-be rotated in the direction of the arrows. The (secondary) green wheel will then rotate along with force.

The theory is very simple.

In image a1 the magnets attract another, in image a2 the magnets repel another. In image a3 the magnets both repel and attract resulting in a rotational pull. The distance from magnet to magnet is quite large so that the pull and the push are about the same size. Neither push nor pull means the 4 primary outer wheels are not influenced by load applied to the secondary inner wheel. The ratio of energy amplification now fully depends on the strength of the magnets i.e. how much Æther it can drag along into the central vortex.
gabydewilde - magnetic lag

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