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I think our history evolves around the invention of innovation. Look at it as the rate at which we learn about learning. Slowly but steadily we find out that the only science is that of education. Merely making the information more complicated does-not make it easier to understand. It means the exact opposite, it means things will get more complicated perpetually, it means it will constantly become harder to understand. The rate of progress depends on the overall level of knowledge that is now derived of all substance. I imagine we can inject flair into knowledge, it would fully depend on style and style is noting more as not-doing things rather than the do-doings of things.

magnet motor

Rather than a lot of progress I get to observe how global government is using the military apparatus for pushing dollars and oil. As if we never had an environment we bet the farm on bush, nasa and the rest of the Illuminati to save earth from the ideas of eavol people like Schauberger and Tesla. National security is all about covering up crucial innovation on a large number of topics. Researching the destruction of health rather than immortality right in front of our nose, that's the funny part. Time brought us some interesting patents, all they need is some good packaging. It's extremely interesting to see what people where thinking of over the years.

Conventional physics is manipulated with nonsense so professionally I'm now antagonistically researching the alternative energy they so desperately wanted to cover up. Just that makes all the evidence we need to know overunity exists - the Šther is kinetic.

The interesting effects of magnetism may be used to build a permanent magnetmotor, one can generate orgone energy and hydrogen in a joecell, create a self sustaining implosion using a vortex of water or extract energy from a pendulum using methods not much different from the classic clock. Still I like to imagine the ideal engine is humanpowered.

The propulsion of the car, bicycle, and aircraft has a strange future ahead. inertialpropulsion should allow for sollid state propulsion devices (with zero moving parts). Which is relative child play compared to flight by the means of antigravity where gravity is effectively removed from a vessel. This will obviously bring us closer to space travel deeper into space where we may see those UFOs of the kind more likely build by aliens

Long after that we will discover what music really means.

If course search is an important technology for me. So I like google for their flath-earth business model. And use a combination of Opera and Firefox. I like yahoo because everything looks and works as if it's made out of plastic.

you click around a few times and you have a blog, then learn to document without thinking by doing it. Do some playing around with html and javascript, a bit of photography then people can have just as strange feelings when they read that as you have right now! Doesn't that sound desirable?

- gaby

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