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Inertial Armor

Reapers are famous for their fearless use of the implants called "metachondria." These microbes invade every cell of a host's body and replace the mitochondria that normally handle the conversion of chemical energy. The metachondria draw their energy from the gravitational field and use it to drive the cell's metabolism. Thus, the host no longer needs to eat or breath. They also become resistant to hazards like radiation, cold, and decompression. The catch is that metachondria tend to cause cancer and cellular decay at a prodigious rate. Regular maintenance, carried out by SymbioTech medical devices, is essential to avoid sudden and painful death. Metachondria are necessary to power the pervasive implant that Reapers prize above all others: Inertial Armor. They are easy to spot because the implant spreads over the entire body and appears as a network of dark veins just under the skin. It envelopes its host in gravitational fields that boost their strength to unbelievable levels and make them virtually invulnerable
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