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Wang Shum Ho

I am Wang Shum Ho and I do not speak nor write English. Thus I am requesting Mr. Lawrence Tseung to post my ideas for me – using my name. Mr. Tseung previously used his point of view to post my information and did a good job.

However, I have my own points of view – that should be expected from any serious innovator and inventor.

My points of view are:

1. My 5 KW Electricity Generator is better and closer to production than almost any other Over Unity Device published on the various Patent Offices or on the Internet.

2. My Generator has been demonstrated in front of 5 Chinese Officials on January 15, 2007. The materials used were not the best because of lack of funding. However, the device was assembled from components level and rotated in front of these Officials.

3. I authorized Mr. Tseung to show one set of early prototype pictures. The feedback was better than I expected. Some organizations including a major International Oil Company called me to express interest. However, international phone call with an interpreter did not produce the desired result.

4. I authorized Mr. Tseung to reveal the entire technology in case I died. I would not want to carry the secret of the technology into my grave. However, I still want to enjoy the fruit of my thirty-years of sweat. I want to share it with my loved ones in my remaining years.

5. I do not object to the strategy of producing 4 prototypes first – one each in Beijing, Hong Kong, United Nations and Float. Then we can produce 200 – one to every Country as a gift from China or United Nations. Mr. Tseung and I do not have the funds to achieve this. Thus raising money for this just cause is worthwhile. We do not care whether people label us as hoax or scam.

6. I intend to provide the full theoretical knowledge and the detailed assembly instructions to every Nations for a reasonable fee – after they have received the gift. If they do not produce oil, they may never need to buy oil for fuel again. For the Oil Producers, they better invest in this technology and produce the Generators before their oil becomes less valuable.

7. For those individuals or organizations who have the financial means, they can come to see the working prototype in my possession now – the same one the Chinese Officials saw on January 15, 2007. Email Lawrence Tseung at or for details.

8. If you or your colleague can write in simplified Chinese, you may email me directly at and cc

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