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Thoughts in time lock

Every object or impression in your existence reminds you of a group of things. I have revolutionised this theory.

Rather then just memories related to the same moment that impression was previously impressed we also have memories related to moments just before and moments just after the previous imprint.

This effectively means you subconsciously thinking of the last time you drank coffee while you are drinking coffee. But you already know where you are going to sit when you grab hold of the mug. Now when you sit down you are again reminded of the last time you did that. The subconscious already assumes you are going to sit the moment you grab hold of any mug.

This means the thoughts you have subconsciously after you sit-down got triggered when grabbing hold of the mug. Those thoughts are already finished but they get triggered 2 min after the mug grabbing. So 2 min after grabbing any mug could make you think of the TV guide. This relationship of thoughts is very hard to trace, specially if you don't know it exists.

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