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Conducting Chlorophyll energy over Wires

About 1930, I decided to try an experiment of conducting Chlorophyll Energy over wires. I had been conducting Eloptic Energy over long distance via wire. A wood platform was installed on the south side of the house about six feet above the ground in order to get the desired potential of energy which increases with distance above the ground. Having some wooden cigar boxes available, I cut boxes apart and cut pieces and made eight boxes that were 2" X 2" X 4" although any size boxes will work. Aluminum foil was placed on the bottom of seven boxes inside so as to be in contact with the soil. Similar pieces of foil were placed on the underside of the lid of each box. Wires were connected to each piece of foil, the wires from the lids were extended to the sun plates, the wires from the bottom foils were connected to the water pipe and thus grounded. See Figure #2 (on the right) for details of the box construction.
Conducting Chlorophyll energy over Wires - Hieronymous - KeelyNet 03/25/02

growing plants withouth light?
I am trying an experiment of placing magnets near plants to see if there is any boost in their growth or production. Has anyone else tried this?
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