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Interview with John Hutchison

On Eastern Paranormal's radio show "A Glimpse Through The Veil," Gabreael and scientist John Hutchison who discovered the Hutchison Effect will be discussing his machines he builds that try to harness what's called "Free energy fields," a complex and little understood phenomenon in which potentially huge amounts of energy lie hidden away in a quantum vacuum. Wilmington, NC, February 20, 2007 --(PR.COM)-- John Hutchison is a self-taught scientist who accidentally discovered the Hutchison Effect which he describes as a "Pandora's Box" of levitation, transmuting metals, and the appearance of strange lights. The Hutchison Effect also uses RF fields and electrostatic energy to create an "Interdimensional shift." Hutchison claims his effect can render metal invisible.The effects occurred when he set up an array of Tesla-styled equipment in experiments dating back over 20 years. Metals became "Jellified" during some of the experiments to the point that they turned into "Surrealistic blobs," Hutchison claims. On his website he notes that the Max Planck Institute concluded that after these experiments, the metals acquired properties that allowed them to change over time, almost as if they had become alive. Hutchison will also be discussing incidents from his life and career, which include the confiscation of his entire laboratory by the Canadian government in 1990, and his subsequent three year stint touring and lecturing about his discoveries in Japan and a new project his working on with fellow scientist concerning the paranormal field. The Hutchison effect has been featured in television programs aired on The Discovery Channel, TLC, The National Geographic Channel, and Nippon Television. - Hutchison Effect Online

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Hutchison effect
"Getting the effects is like opening an electromagnetic combination lock. I was actually so busy with adjusting the controls that I had no time to observe how the test pieces behaved in the combination of fields."

Afterwards, an alternative way of explaining the cold melting appears in visitor's mind. When exposing the object to a combination of electromagnetic fields with many frequencies simultaneously one actually may be trying to hit as many of the atom's orbital or nuclear resonances as possible. Now as the atom is busy oscillating by itself and trying to stay in one piece under the strain of excess energy, it has other things to worry about than trying to keep tight bonds with neighboring atoms. While experimenter turns more power and hits more of it's resonances, the outer electrons responsible for metallic bonds start to shake themselves loose from other atoms and they start to slide past each other. The result is a soft, trembling jelly of metal.
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