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Alchemy - The Elixer of Life

About 1990, my uncle showed me a Time-Life book on Secrets of the Alchemists. I put it off because I thought there was nothing in alchemy that could be of use to me. He kept after me and showed me a section where it talks about a white powder made from gold. The goal of the alchemists was to make a white powder of gold, that would serve as the container of the light of life. If you stand in its presence, you don't age, if you partake of it, you live forever. So I begrudgingly read the book and have now read 500 to 600 books on alchemy and it's history. All of it goes back to a man the Hebrews called Enoch, the Egyptians called Thoth, in Greece, they call him Hermes Trimesgritus, all the same man.
Alchemy1 - Has The Elixer of Life Been Found