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Man-machine interface system

The system provides a direct electrical interface between the electrical activity that may be self-induced in the human nervous system and the electrical activity in devices such as computers or calculators. Either one-way or two-way communication and/or control may be provided. For man-to-machine (efferent) communication bioelectric activity is monitored with electrodes and the action potentials which are self-generated are converted into digital signals preferably in the form of binary signals which may be interpreted by digital computers, micro-processors or other logic systems. For machine-to-man (afferent) communication binary signals in the form of binary ones or zeros are converted to action potentials. Depending upon the particular application, different codes are used to give specific meanings to specific patterns of bioelectric activity that the operator generates and specific patterns of electric stimulation that the operator receives. For example, if the system is...

Patent number: 4158196
Filing date: Apr 11, 1977
Issue date: Jun 12, 1979
Inventor: George E. Crawford, Jr.
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