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Brain programmer for increasing human information processing capacity

The present invention is a signaling system for the improvement of cognitive performance and intelligence, including: a) a method for improving the human cognitive performance and intelligence through a signaling program, a sequence of signals, that is presented to a person, stored in his/her long term memory, and recalled as control signals to effect periodical changes in the chunk size and number of chunks and the percentage of active units in the model of neural representation, thus reducing internal noise, error rate (ER) and response time (RT); b) a Computerized Auditory Program (CAP), which is a recording of a combination of sequences of computer generated sound signals and verbal instructions and signals, and is used as the signaling program mentioned in a) above; and c) a reinforcement system which uses a sequence of vibratory, visual, auditory, or other types of stimulus pulses that are initially associated with the signaling program, for example CAP in one embodiment,...

Patent number: 6615197
Filing date: Mar 13, 2000
Issue date: Sep 2, 2003
Inventor: Songhai Chai
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