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Chronesthesia is the mental ability to travel in time, to relive past experiences and imagine future experiences, complete with sights, sounds and emotional responses.
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.....Of course, Tulving noted, not all forms of memory--and there are many--are time-related. The "episodic" kind, involving recollection of past personal experience, is, he said. But the "semantic" kind, involving acquisition, retention and retrieval of facts, is not.

"You don't need mental time travel to remember a chemical formula or your mother's maiden name," he explained. "You can know a lot of things without mental time travel, but you can't remember events from your past, or anticipate your future, without it."

Tulving went on to explain how and why humans have adapted chronesthesia--a learned capability absent in other animals and human infants--to advance their survival. And he urged other psychologists to help build a research base on its workings....
What makes mental time travel possible?

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