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Electroencephalograph incorporating at least one wireless link

An improved EEG system (10) for telemetrically transmitting brain activity data from a portable transmitter to a processing console. The improved EEG system (10) includes a lightweight transmitter (12) which amplifies and digitizes the EEG signals from a set of electrodes (16) and transmits the digital signals along with a checksum to a receiver (14). The transmitter (12) may be carried by the subject under observation. The transmitter (12) of the preferred embodiment includes at least four circuit boards including a selectively interchangeable montage board (18), an amplifier board (24), a processor board (34), and a transmitter board (54). A signal is transmitted toward the receiver (14) and delivered to a conventional computer-controlled broadcast television tuner (80). The selected receiver (14) outputs data which is in an acceptable form for connection to standard microprocessor peripherals. The incoming data is processed and inspected to verify the validity thereof with...

Patent number: 5279305
Filing date: Aug 6, 1992
Issue date: Jan 18, 1994
Inventors: Andrew W. Zimmerman, Brian T. Pepper, David V. Blankenship
Assignee: Pedifutures, Inc.
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