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Man evolved from apes, apes evolved from fish, fish evolved from micro organism. It's a nice model, we have no evidence to back it up but it looks very logical at first sight. This darwin guy had some vivid imagination. Not as much as I do but hey, you cant win em all.
Religion also presents us with incredible stories about the creation of the heaven and the earths. Just the translation of the bible into English should be evident how often this story has changed. In stead of making it rejectable this means we can not see where the original document ends and the add on starts, if we can even speak of "original documents".

I have no problem understanding the simalarities of those ancient stories probably have the same source. Or the same motivation behind them. But what if it's all wrong? The rest of our science is all wrong, why would history of all things be more correct? "The winners write history". We have all the evidence we need of that...

So what if it's all wrong? What would be the opposite of "all this"?

Imagine we are a low working class creation discarded on this remote mud ball. our superiors have superiors and so do they, the universe is a large place there is lots of room in this hierarchy. We could be layer NR 100 of the big pyramid scheme.

With the snap of a finger humans can be hypnotized, the drone has a monitor setting! In this configuration one can give it instructions and it remembers everything to it's very last detail. Holly mother of Mozes! Under hypnosis all the brain features work a thousand times better there is only one slight detail.... the person himself is practically gone....

Now this is a perfect indication the human brain doesn't work during labor, features beyond doing work are strongly depreciated. Thats until the unit is hypnotized. Then all of a sudden the human can preform exact work reports over lets say 60 years straight from memory, remember gigabytes of information in one go. And most of all it doesn't stutter.

I mean look at us? There isn't anything we doubt as much as our own abilities. We are not build to make decisions at all, we are build to understand them and follow the leader leader-leader...

Maybe the Egyptians levitated huge blocks into pyramids, the Maya did it, the Incas did it. Who is to say it wasn't our rulers who did that? With some quite simple resonance the weight of such block can be partially removed. With our without that I think a few hypnotised workers can just lift a gigantic block and walk away with it. Sure a few bones would snap every now and then but it would probably be an acceptable error margine.

But anyway, they left us here and didn't supply us with the machines to lead the lazy life we desire. The bastards.... This obviously means we have a universe of human slaves to rescue. Some may be still working for our makers, most are probably left behind just like we are.

The new doctrine can also be interpreted to suggest it's our destiny to train monkeys.

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