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Electrogravitics - A Crash Course,
1.1 Introduction:

In order to understand gravity as an electro-magnetic phenomena, we must first separate the primary cause and effect form the secondary and tertiary effects. Included in these secondary and tertiary effects are curved space, red shift, and time dilation. Implicit in the term "Electrogravitics" is the assumption that electro-magnetism is the root cause of the gravitational effect. This assumption is not new. Both James C. Maxwell and Michael Faraday believed in the electro-magnetic basis of gravitational interactions, though neither was able to marshal the needed experimental evidence or mathematical models to prove their assertion. Many key pieces of supporting evidence and physical models required to understand the nature of gravity did not exist until the beginning of the 20th century.

1.2 Primary cause and effect:

The fundamental questions we must answer are
- 1. What is the nature and source of the field that matter generates we commonly call gravity?

- 2. What is the nature and seat of interaction between this field and matter that causes an attractive force to arise?
A very impressive overview.

The Kosol Spherical Device
Based on the Wilbert Smiths new science 1950's, [spin and relativity], the russian study of Torsion fields, the observations of the recorded works of SEARL, Helsinki, the Hamel cones, and the Kosol Spheres being developed. This work represents a compression and combining of much previously presented vocabulary and theory on the subject of gravity and time brought into one place. No attempt has been made to site quotes or references, as most of these works are freely accessable on the internet to date.
The Kosol Spherical Device

Alto it seems to be extreamely hard to get enough acuracy with this method we should respect how unique this project is. There is nothing quite like it.

AntiGravity Propulsion
ruce DePalma theorized, researched, designed, built, tested, and promoted many Free-Energy mechanisms. His latest machines were an extention of one of Michael Faraday's original electric generators of the 1830's. The machine basically uses a rotating permanent disk magnet(s), with the two power pick-ups at the periphery of the disk and the spinning shaft. During DePalma's testing, he made the startling discovery that when the machine was running, he obtained an antigravity effect. The operating machine would lose a significant amount of weight!
AntiGravity Propulsion - Experiments-4

Experimental Research of the Magnetic-Gravity Effects

In the present paper the results of the experimental research of Magnetic-Gravity Effects are presented. The abnormal magnetic and thermal changes in the radius of 15 meters from the researched device were measured as well. PACS: 41.20.-q; 44.60.+k; 76.50.+q

1. Introduction

There has been a great interest in examining nonlinear effects in the system of rotating magnetic fields. Such effects have been observed in the device called Searl's generator or SEG (SEG, Searl Effect Generator) [1-4]. An SEG consists of a series of three rings and rollers that go around those rings. All parts of SEG are based on the Law of the Squares. The rollers revolve around the plates that form the rings, but they do not touch them. There's a primary north and south pole on the rollers and a primary north and south pole on the plates.
Searl's Device

Schappeller, Searl and Gravity
The ultra high potential produced by the Searl ring generator being so much greater than the ionization potential of the air, causes ionic breakdown of the air at some feet from the craft skin, as this acts as the positive electrode. The negative side of the generator is connected to the periphery of the disc, and isolated from the skin. The field at the negative terminal is therefore very much greater and the air is ionized at a greater distance at the rim. The air at the positive terminal loses electrons and the resulting ions are repelled from the terminal with high acceleration. The electrons pass through the generator, constituting the current in the generator, and provide the charge at the negative terminal to produce negative ions in the air near the rim. The craft therefore is enveloped in a vacuum.
Schappeller, Searl and Gravity

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