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Dr.Nakamats Nostradam vs Engine II

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Yoshiro Nakamatsu says this is an important invention. In the future all the cars will be running with this, called the Dr.Nakamats Nostradam vs Engine II. It can run with just water, so there is no pollution at all.
Dr. NakaMats, invented the Floppy Disk, he earned the IG Nobel Price, invented the fax machine, magnetic paper train tickets, the synthesizer and written over 80 books. He has made over 3218 inventions already and hopes to complete 7000 inventions before his estimated death at age 144. ..Here is the essence of a long jet quirky interview.
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System for generating hydrogen and oxygen


A system for generating hydrogen and oxygen includes a tank and a solid polyelectrolyte film which separates the tank into first and second portions. Electrodes are provided on opposed first and second sides of the polyelectrolyte film. A power supply is connected to the electrodes. The system includes means for introducing water into the bottom of the first portion of the tank and a vibrating means for vibrating the polyelectrolyte film, electrodes and water. A power regulator which regulates power from the power supply and includes an electronic element that generates heat is provided. The electronic element is mounted in the tank for heating the water. The hydrogen generated by the system may be supplied together with gasoline to the engine of an automobile while the generated oxygen may be released to the inside of the car.

Patent number: 5399251
Filing date: Nov 10, 1993
Issue date: Mar 21, 1995
Inventor: Yoshiro Nakamats
System for generating hydrogen and oxygen - Google Patents

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