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Radiant Energy, Unraveling Tesla's Greatest Secret

Tesla discovered a fundamental flaw in Hertz's experiment: Hertz had failed to take into account he presence of air in his experiments. Hertz had mistakenly identified electrostatic inductions or electrified shockwaves as true electromagnetic waves. Tesla was saddened to bring this news to the distinguished academician, but felt scientific honesty was paramount if progress was to be achieved. Tesla visited Hertz in Germany and personally demonstrated the experimental error to him. Hertz agreed with Tesla and had planned to withdraw his claim, but reputations, political agendas, national pride, and above all, powerful financial interests, intervened in that decision and set the stage for a major rift in the "accepted" theories that soon became transformed into the fundamental "Claws" of the electric sciences that have held sway in industry and the halls of academia to the present day.
Radiant Energy, Unraveling Tesla's Greatest Secret Part 1

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