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Meet the Crystal Skulls

Why do you think the archeologists and scientists have ignored the crystal skulls so far? We believe (and in a way this makes perfect sense logically) that if there are strange physical phenomena that are occurring in the presence of a crystal skull, that if any scientist chooses to ignore the investigation of such activities it is probably due to the fact that this type of phenomena does not fit into any of their modern theories of reality or physics - thus its much easier to pretend the crystal skulls don't exist or that the people who are witnessing such phenomena are crazy. Because how can just a piece of crystal have such a strong energy around it that it physically changes its color, weight or how it appears inside? This is against the laws of modern physics!! Similarly for an archeologist, if there exists an object whose its history is unknown or that could not have possibly been manufactured by primitive cultures of the past (as there is the belief that mankind today is the most advanced race of humanity to have ever existed) then it is easier to ignore such an object or artifact than to try to explain why and how it could exist.
Meet the Crystal Skulls with the Crystal Skull Explorers

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