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Gravitational wave generator - Google Patents

A gravitational wave generation device comprising an ensemble of energizable elements involving magnetic, electrical and electromechanical functions that are under the control of a computer and attendant computer software system. The magnetic and electrical force elements, when energized as directed by the computer, operate in concert to produce a rapid third-time-derivative motion of a mass. This action causes the generation of high-frequency gravitational waves that can be modulated and shaped in order to be utilized for communication, propulsion, and various physics experiments. The energizable elements can be very small coils or coil sets encased in a computer chip, current-carrying conductors, or small electromechanical devices. The mass acted upon by the coil elements can be a permanent magnet or magnets, or electromagnets. In the electromechanical-element configuration the device can be used both for the generation of gravitational waves and their detection.

Patent number: 6417597
Filing date: Jul 14, 2000
Issue date: Jul 9, 2002
Inventor: Robert M. L. Baker, Jr.
Gravitational wave generator - Google Patents