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lets expire copyrights

For the sake of public knowledge we should create a system where we can expire copyrights faster. Intellectual ownership of crucial information should expire after time. We may also set a limit on the earnings from a patent. Above that the invention should be public domain.

As a species we know much much more as that what is common knowledge. The result is a lack of sane evaluation of options. Non of us is aware of the options. It is impossible for you to guess the results of a single million euro RND project. We have invested billions and billions in research, you don't have any idea what the primordial results were and have even less of a clue what research followed based upon those conclusions. This has been going on for years and years. Thus! you don't have a clue what people know and neither do I, no-one has a remote idea! I say bring it on!

The first question that arises is that of "what to do with lost compensation"? For this I advice a list of decorations. Just like the Nobel prize and the Edison medal tho I think it's not a medal but an ornament we should give to an institution.

This decoration should do all the positive things to their marketing and branding they could possibly need for compensation. Like Ahold is Hofleverancier which means they get to sell things to the queen, best slogan ever. lol - This is a perfect compensation for a business. A person can have A paper that says we acknowledge their accomplishments towards advancing our technologies. Not just as a queen but as a species. We have nothing to gain from allowing people to protect their intellectual properties. We may replace that with a reward system and a ceremony. It will make great tv also.

It's all quite simple, still I thought it was important to explain this to you. There is no one who has a clue what is going on at the moment, kinda strikes me as ironic. lol

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