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Take your sub into deep space

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After looking over APOLLO 20 legacy - The moon city, the ship wreck on the moon etc and doing a bit of gazing at the imaging, the later photos show the ship has partially been dug up.

The first of this kind of ships was build in 1620 by a Dutchman named Cornelius van Drebbel.:wink:

Earlyier as well as later, David Hamel, John Searl, Townsend Brown, Victor Schauberger and so many others figured out how gravity works.

At fist the military was ignorant and thought removing gravity was all there was to it. With close to zero gravity a bit of flight already doesn't cost anywhere near the power a submarine can generate. A few Kw is more then enough. Yes, it's just a submarine!

Later they figured out they needed more as -.09 G, they learn by flying into space rocks. This gave the subs a bit of a look as if they where made of cheese. Quite appropriate on the moon I would say.

It's safe to say we had dozens of space missions as early as balloon flight in 1400. Some more horrible as others but we sure tried a lot of stuff.

Our moon base is probably still operational but our mars base was .. emhh "captured"... The people still stationed there never knew earth existed.

If the air we breath out is refined with oxygen and recycled we can spend an hour under water using lighter sized air bottle. Decompressing people to zero bar is far easier as to 5 bar.

You can jump around nekked on the moon and build sand castles!

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