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The coupon money - IOU and UOME who prints this stuff?

Wealth is power, power is the ability to make people do stuff.

Give you food a house and pleasure.

The first 2 are rather cheap nr 3 can cost a lot of money.

It's all about the habits one creates, habits for expensive food or expensive fun don't come cheap.

Pleasure is really the opposite of suffering, people suffering around you make it hard to have fun. In this context we should word it as "it makes it expensive to have fun".

It would be profitable if everyone around you would be having fun rather then suffer.

It would absolutely make your fun less expensive.

So, after buying your own food and house one can engage in buying the same for others.

This is so much fun you will have tears in your eyes over a few 100 bucks.

Then the whole money thing becomes rather questionable.

You can spend a lot of cash to buy pleasure for some manger in the hope to get a contract of some kind.

Or you can drink coffee with a random homeless person.

If you know about KARMA you understand the later is not just a more pleasurable activity but it also resonates into thoughts alike. You may find yourself doing all kinds of cheap nice things.

Do you really change persona 100% from buying some one a sandwich? I guess if you want to, but only if you do?

The "normal" people won't take such behavior mildly. Slowly your position will decay into something exactly like the people you are hanging out with. Everyone you thought you knew will think you have totally lost your mind.

If you are still an university professor or a world famous rock star doesn't make the least of difference.

It's like there really are dimensional differences with a more beta environment where everything still goes wrong. Lets call it Murphy's world, and at the other side is growing towards total perfection.

It's just like we humans travel from the good to the bad side.

I hear at least 50 different people say: "if things go wrong it's as if everything has to go wrong that day". The day after a much to fat set of insurance policy was canceled they had 2 car accidents doing rather small damage to every plate on the car. Like a projected thought.

you only have to imagine how things can turn out and that specific universe of possibilities instantly exists. You don't get to say no to anything.

The potential for something to happen remains after our awareness slides over this moment. Different variations of things you have already done are getting done at this exact moment.

(No you didn't get the girl that time either.)

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