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Taking Photographs of the Past

How Henry Silanov take photographs of the past.

When ‘today’ goes in the past, it is possible to retrieve the ‘photographs’ of the past. It is possible to do that, if a camera manages to catch ultraviolet rays, which cannot be visible to human eyes. I invented such a camera. The object-glass is made of pure quartz, which lets ultraviolet radiation run through it without any losses. As it turned out, it is the ultraviolet radiation that carries the images and the information of the past. We have already managed to take some pictures, for example, we photographed several days of World War II. I have a very good picture of two warriors, who aim their looks at the forest. Another picture depicts horsemen wearing pointed hats and holding bows and shields in their hands. There is an image of some leader with slanting eyes on their shields. We have another picture of a mammoth silhouette with big tusks standing against the background of some giant trees. This is a picture of the paleolith era.

“I know that it sounds fantastic, but we receive encoded information from a source, which is some other kind of intellect. The highest point of those contacts was reached in 2002. When we developed a film, we saw some strange images on its frame lines. One of them looked very like Raphael’s Sistine Madonna. There is a remarkable thing about this photograph: people sense unexplainable energy coming from it. Another amazing image depicts the image of the Creator, as researchers believe. Ufologists say that the Intellect of the Universe tries to bring us some message with that. It is not ruled out, that it is some kind of a warning.

“Unfortunately, my work is not in demand in Russia. However, they have heard a lot of my activities abroad. I was invited to go to Israel and to take pictures of its holy places with my camera. American ufologists invited me to come to the USA to read lectures to students. However, I cannot afford all those invitations.
Taking Photographs of the Past is Possible - Pravda.Ru

Very interesting explanation, to bad I cant find anything substantial about it on the web. I wonder "when" is actually disapearing out of sight at this moment.

Earth has been sending out it's light for millions of years, it's just the resolution that decreases, if there are slower light waves there may just be an eternity of history right in front of our nose! Thats quite an amazing thought... It could be that "forever" is right there in front of you....