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discriminate ambient space energy

..It is only manmade RF energy if the antenna and tuning systems are designed to intercept manmade radio broadcast energy, however it is quit another matter to design an antenna technology that discriminates between ambient space energy, e.g. photon or microwave energy and that of manmade RF broadcast. What this means is there is a distinct difference between the ambient EM spectrum of space and that of manmade RF broadcasted energy, in other words all we are doing is imitating the EM spectrum. In the case of ambient EM spectrum the stars are the imputes that pump energy into the spectrum and because this energy is a frequency based energy form, an antenna comprising selective design parameters is the only means of tapping into the environmental stores of energy. Tapping into the ambient spectrum of energy is no different than drilling into the ground for oil or taping into geothermal pockets, you still require the proper equipment e.g. drilling rig, refinery and all of the appropriate infrastructure to process the crude into a useable form.
OS:Ambient Energy Collection Device - PESWiki

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