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Science Scam

I was just viewing Science Scam

When we appreciate the potential intentional error in documented history we know that he promised to expose him before knowing what was wrong and it assumes the local drunk is a trustworthy person? I think it's quite possible he got a few coins and helped with the 'exposing'. You think he got a fair trial? Not a million excuses would have been good enough. lol

Think about it, it would have been easy to fake such device using simple weights and gears, I mean if he was running this con for years, there is no need for manual operation? On the other hand it was perfect to make his exposure more exiting.

What about a big flywheel with a governor inside it? Then can have spectators visit and it will Spin at the same speed for an incredible long time. hummmm.... lol

They mention the sprockets wearing in the wrong direction, this doesn't mean anything because you can just reverse them when they start wearing off. When one should do this depends on a lot of factors, the builder of the device could probably put it on the other way around in 10 min. So he could very well have turned the sprocket around because of the wear it showed. Again this doesn't fit with hand cranking.

They had a bet the deal was to expose his apparatus, he took the bet cuz he thought he could win then he got exposed anyway. ha-ha
In 1812 Charles Redheffer traveled through Philadelphia and New York, charging a dollar admission (a dollar was a lot of money in these days) to see his perpetual motion machine made up of wheels, gears and pulleys which kept moving continually with no apparent source of energy.
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The popular version of the story never mentions he traveled around with the thing.

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