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For the better part of a decade, , Inc. has been engaged in a fierce battle in the marketplace of ideas with the multi-billion dollar motivation industry. In 1998, Despair introduced the world to a darkly insightful line of motivational poster parodies known simply as Demotivators®. In April 2005, company co-founder Dr. E.L. Kersten unveiled his landmark management book, "The Art of Demotivation"- a work quickly praised by Financial Times Management Columnist Lucy Kellaway as "the most daring, funny and subversive management book ever written". With the introduction of Despair Video podcasts, the company opens a new front in the war on motivation- while simultaneously offering a tantalizing glimpse at life inside the company itself.
Spin Despair

The videos are hilarious.

My experience is that most people dismiss ALL their thoughts about starting a business, most people think that the suggestion they could maybe not work means you are craving for a demotivational speech. Rather then think about it they keep spitting pathetic excuses for not thinking about it. I would say 95% would comply. I don't care, you better learn how pathetic this behaviour is.

Did you know that before 1900 being a consumer was actually a bad thing? A consumer is someone who doesn't make his own food rather just consumes. The consumer is the source of all evil. It's our consumerism that makes it so complicated to keep the supply and demand chain operational. Heck, it sounds like a really good idea to have your own food and your own house? You love slaving away at your job that much huh? You actually enjoy your life being taken away from you?

I actually did think about it. The absolutely defeats anyone's excuses why thinking about such topic is not interesting. I already have!

The solutions are dumb and obvious, you are not going to convince me that your job is the purpose of your life. I'm not even going to listen what demotivational arguments anyone has to spew about it. You don't HAVE TO listen to me at all, for the simple reason that I'm not your slave master.

How simple the solutions are?

In stead of buying a loaf of bread you buy a slice of bread factory. Then when you own .01% of the factory you have to "finance" .01% of all resources including labor.

If we don't have enough we buy some from another factory, if we make to much we sell some! You also get to sell 49% of your slice to investors. If we have 10 000 members we make some contracts and sell advertisement. Now I know no-one is interested but the fact don't lie: The price of your bread just dropped below zero!

How do you think the rich 15% of the world owns 80% of everything? Do you think it was because they worked so hard? American slaves don't even get med care anymore. Their labor is needed for wars and space programs. $%^$#^$%#%

Imagine what would happen if we would redistribute the ownership of labor back to the laborer. Astronomic accounting savings, almost infinite stability. If you earn 1000 euro/month today you would see your income grow to an astonishing 10 000 euro/month and far beyond! But why work whole hours/days/weeks/months/years !?!?!?! 2 months per year should be more as enough. Then all the work is done, doing anything beyond that would be wasteful and irresponsible. We need enough jobs available to learn a profession, we may just have nothing to do for you. Do you mind?