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Feds Cut Power, Phone, Internet of Couple Who Won't Report To Prison

Federal authorities have cut phone, power and Internet service at the fortified compound of a couple convicted of tax evasion who have refused to report to prison. It's unclear what effect that has on Ed and Elaine Brown, who have solar and wind power generators at their 110-acre spread, where they have been holed up for months.
Feds Cut Power, Phone, Internet of Couple Who Won%u2019t Report To Prison : - Conspiracy Discussion & Alternative News

This isn't about taxes. It's wether or not you yanks support your constitution. Income is clearly documented as untaxable. Only if you don't do any labor for it you have to pay tax. earnings from Interest, rent, stocks etc At this moment "personal gain" is taxable and nothing else. Only if the public(you) supports discarding their rights(yours) they can discard them.

It's just like slavery is illegal. If you all support the reintroduction of slavery then you will get just that.

For those who claim the taxes are needed for nonexistent health care, nonexistent shelters or for supporting Iraq genocide, this doc says your gov is allowed to print it's own money!

So, what exactly do you need the non-Federal non-Reserve for? Lets not call them the secret society, the new world order or the Illuminati but just call them an illegal bank owning the united states as a whole.

PWND !!!

So, having now learned that what do you think you need income tax for again? Why not use that last bit of freedom we have to defend our freedom?

Before you assult me for being anti american again I should add that financially Europe is already there where you are heading. Only we have social support and healthcare which does make it look less nasty but it's the same deal.

Also remeber it's not a competition, we all are equally evil, together we are the main cause for all starvation in the world. We asked for that.

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