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There is only one thing that can prevent Dr NO from taking office and that's what people like you and me think and do about it. Only if you don't care he can fail. Giving up before starting does not look good on you. When I like to see something happen I just do what it takes to make it so. I don't give up and I specially don't allow others to give up for me. lol

So now that you understand that you are in fact in charge of what happens I would like for you to take a some what more responsible attitude towards it, with great power comes great responsibility you know? Either take those or big things shall go wrong. There is no "doing nothing", by doing nothing you are helping us sign away our freedom. You sign it away for everyone. Doing nothing effectively resolves in supporting the global fascist police state. 80% of peoples earning is already gifted to useless 'noblemen', if you have no objection they will not hesitate to take your other 20% also.

Ron Paul is already winning all the polls and people like you and me are filling up the web with helpful documentation of their political views and opinions.(sure we are) The other candidates have no agenda at all, they are all warmongers, should be trialed as criminals jet you want them to rule the world for us? *shrug* please no? O_O I keep wondering.. haven't enough people died? Doesn't that mean anything anymore? For reference: 3.5 million people died in Vietnam most of which woman, children and old people. No med care, barely any food. Jet the memorial is for the 1% Americans? Who killed close to a hundred each. American kids under gov's command, elected by their parents, woman and old people. Who thought it wasn't important at the time they should have done something.

Now Iraq? Iraq didn't have an army since 1991 nor did it have any infrastructure. And we pretend this country is at war with the US army? Can't you see what a ridiculous suggestion that is? You have any idea of the size, and powers of the US army? Do you understand this is so ridiculous it's obviously all lies, not just 1 or 2 but the whole deal of it! They can make the whole country dance to Billy Idol with a single satellite.

What do you think those soldiers are shooting at? There are enough videos on youtube where you can see the civilians getting blown away, see it with your own eyes. Maybe you should just take my word for it and save yourself from seeing it. You do have to understand there will be a world war if any of the other running candidates get the position. Iran is going to nuke the poop out of Europe and the US. Know that the US gov has already fearmongered Europe into supplying troops. Soon we will be forced by the American government to send our troops to fearmonger Iran into a nuclear war.

My internet-web-friends from Iran say they have enough nerve gas and means of deployment for all of us. It will be a very short war he says! We will never know what hit us. Iran has no interest in theater warfare, they will finish us off straight away this time, as soon as we invade their country for no reason at all. So lets make no illusions, a world war is just around the corner, it's not going to be anything like old style wars.

yo good person, my Internet web friend. Do me a favor and wake up look around you and see all the sleeping peoples then help wake up some, 1 or 2 is enough. We know exactly how to promote Ron Paul, it's very easy, just view some of his videos, subscribe to some of his sites and or accounts and post some comments. An hours work at most. Sure you are right to think there is very little you can do, but you are wrong to think you should not do that very little bit, and you are wrong to think it wouldn't matter if hundreds of millions of people from all around the world did that. Economists say it would take 10 to 20 years to repair the US international image. I think Ron can do it in a few weeks. At least for me he can. :-)

I'm going to sell this vacuum cleaner to you even if it means I have to pay for it myself! ^_^