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What-if our government did 99.9% healthcare?

All tax money should really go to health care, the rest of our infrastructure can manage it self. It almost doesn't matter how bad things go, as long as we have good health care everything will be cool. Can make a lot of mistakes in 500 years and make up for all of them.

The only way to make em cheaper is is we can all afford the super expensive treatments. If cost isn't an issue anymore we can buy out big pharma then research and develop things. We can for example just make their business illegal and take it away from them. The size of the compensation is entirely up to us. Lets not be cheap about it and buy them out for good money and tax it heavily. If we can research, develop and deploy such super expensive treatments we shall obtain large amount of equally exclusive data. With good equipment you can make good data.

But most importantly would be to produce and apply cures that have a very low profit margin in our current system. Those that actually do not appear on the market as they are much to cheap or even much to effective to sell. People die because their medication doesn't have a long enough shelve life therefor it's not profitable enough to stock it. But if we buy out their fake cures the real deal is much more likely to boil to the surface. As big pharmacy sells an abundance of inferior and/or fake medication their empire depends on keeping the scam alive, technically they should be super happy with such buy out. Then we can scare tactic them into giving us a few billion discount.

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