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How health care should work

I thought about this a long time ago, had almost forgoten what I concluded.

In the Netherlands you have to give some one drinking water if he needs it. If some one shows up at your door and you are asked for water you have to supply it. You don't have to let him or her inside but you do have to serve them a drink. The only active practical application of this law is in disco's and bars. Dancing people need liquids.

There is no money handed down in this formula.

It's not rocket science, it shows when some one is dehydrated. If a glass of water is to much to ask you belong in a prison. If the guy dies because you didn't give him anything then you have committed a murder. It's as simple as that.

Now I was thinking about first aid, it seems the more professional the health worker the longer they try to reanimate someone. People have jumped back alive hours later! Not all of them in good health but that wasn't my point.

My point was that people who have no knowledge of first aid will declare death in the first minute.

There is no money handed down in this formula.

Not just in health care but in everything we do we are so damn selfish it actually kills us. Sure math, topography, economy, reading and writing are great skills. But are they really more important as learning first aid? Nr 1 cause of death is a heart attack 28.5% [1] So, thats how 30% dies. It's because the people around them are to damn stupid.

Every idiot can learn this, we would much rather have some clumbsy fool trying to reanimate us as nothing at all, nothing seems to guarantee death. If someone has an university quality of mind set they can learn MUCH more about health care.

This will not just increase the overall quality of life. It will give the public a good view on the professional care (or lack of it).

Hospital care should be free, as in paid by everyone. There is nothing better you can buy for your money.

Private med care has it's place when we stop treatment because it stopped making sense financially. Here the rich have a perfect opportunity to spend their millions on RND. For old people this should mean their pension money becomes available relative to their life's expectancy. This money doesn't belong to anyone else. It's theirs to spend it.

It's good to have such separation. Public care can leach knowhow from the private.

Private hospitals will always waste their money on what ever looks reasonable. This means sooner or later they are going to figure out something new. Then we take it and put it in the public system. Private businesses have their focus on cutting costs. For public care this is a far less important topic. But it's easy to copy their method if they manage to do the same thing for less money.

1% - 3% privatization should be enough to accomplish this. Doctors should be employed by government, both private and public. Most RND should also be publicly funded, copyrights on death should be disallowed but costs should be compensated.

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