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life and the 3rd parent

Evolution sounds credible but there is a few billion years missing in ours. It looks more like an agenda rolling out.

The interaction between plants and insects looks to me like some stage of their development allowed them to interact much more. just designing a flower though trial and error seems irrational but in millions of years a lot can happen if you keep on trying things. What would be the shortest route for such things to happen? I think it's possible that our reproduction not just uses genetics from both parents.

What if DNA was entrained by all other DNA around it? That would allow the bees to transfer the evolutionary findings of the plants. We know radioactivity causes mutations. In such setup a single cell lifeforms could hold the data of all species.

Say our planet is destroyed, the water moves though the galaxy as ice, it will eventually melt in some place with sunshine. Beyond any doubt some cells will grow there and gradually start folding out the master plan.

The way in which we represent the final stage of this evolution by eradicating all other life may suggest this was our final purpose. Long long long ago in a place far far far away.....

Using some much to controversial source to even mention i'm starting to think we are a biological weapon.

Our creators evolved into a mindset dis-allowing them to make war. In their spiritual harmony with the universe they just couldn't stomach fighting, they lost the ability and/or failed to see the point.

then they found themselves at war with "inferior" species, this was why they created a minefield of human civilizations. Altho their skin is blue, they created us in their own image.

They gave us a spiritual edge over the ET war race, each one of us is more intelligent as their whole collective. They also gave us a spirit for war and destruction. By limiting our age we are fully blessed by our own ignorance. Like kids may break stuff, it's okay we cant blame them for being kids. Our limited life spawn also disallows deep space travel.

Earth is not a very good example, but in time our humans will develop technology that will fully disallow any alien war species to even come close to us. Our nature doesn't say "run away" no, no, no thats not what humans are like. You'd do best to stay far away from us. hahaha

So, we are here to prevent something from collecting resources. This may have happened so long ago and so far away that we are the only traces left. With our 3rd parent being practically immortal there is no way of knowing how old organic life really is. Life on earth as a whole has a mind of it's own, it's your gut feeling talking to you all day.

It's not unlikely our creators have stored a copy of themselves inside this genetic data. But it won't show up though biological evolution as it has no ancestors among our species, the structure of their body may be very different from ours.

With this knowledge we may look for this data and accomplish a Frankenstein style summoning of such creatures. It could very-well be a computer program. The odds for us to find it are intentionally bad. If we survive long enough and manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle we are guaranteed to figure it out even tho it may take us billions of years.

This theory is much better as that of terrestrial evolution as that doesn't explain the evolutionary gaps. Maybe they made us in their own image, maybe they did confuse our language and corrupt our astrology. But the laboratory of Eden was not on earth.

The knowledge we have of the topic was channeled from our inter galactic collective. As above so below as below so above, earth is just a child from an older possibly deceased world. As we are immortal life most likely didn't originate in our milky way either. The universe is way to big to jump to such silly conclusions. Don't flater yourself.

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