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Goodwins Oracle of zdnet

Ruppert was the only reporter who did some research into the Steorn pseudoscience. So, I thought it would be cool if he kept going at it, if whichcraft ever finds it's way onto the web ZDNET sounds like a great place to publish her.

We beging the traing with "How to be a proffit".

We should agree guesses may have success. Theoretically, predicting the future is the same thing as guessing. But in reality there is a big difference between the approach taken. If I say Bush is a Nazi and the puppet of Cheney then I may reasonably be asked to explain what makes me say this.

But if a prophet would predict Bush becoming the dictator of planet Earth guided by invisible lizard forces from other dimensions. And there would be no need for any explanation. It's prophecy! When predicting the future any person can just say: "I see satellite powered mind control apparatus everywhere!" And everyone should be perfectly okay with the prediction for what it is.

In ancient times we may have had far advanced predictors of future. Just like we have the CIA violate human rights to extract information from people. With wealth part of the future can be bought, either in clues before and after or by hiring actions resulting in a given future.

By both educating the guess and by cheating real effects may be acquired. Most improbable things may be predicted with great accuracy.

One story is not like the other. A width perspective in SF is important. Just look how important star trek has been for our scientific development both verbally and imaginary.

But it's real value is in the way we may entertain the perspective. The visionary may envision great new laws, a politician may adopt those laws as his own discovery. This will make the vision a reality. At no stage should the prophet be held responsible for that what he had forseen. He is just there to keep the gray mass bubbling.

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