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Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen Gas - by Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.

Aquygen is the commercial trademark name of a gas which is claimed to be made from ordinary water through a patented electrolysis process. Aquygen which is also known as HHO Gas, or Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen Gas was created by Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc., based in Clearwater, Florida. Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen (HHO) may be used to replace oxyacetylene for most welding and cutting applications. HHO Gas may be able to be used as a primary fuel source or a fuel additive for gasoline, diesel and aircraft turbine engines. HHO gas is produced using a generator known as the H2O 1500 which is also manufactured by Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc.


According to HTA Inc., there are many unique and unusual properties that HHO Gas possesses. Below is a list of some of the unique properties claimed by the researchers of HTA Inc.

* HHO Gas proves to be odorless, colorless and lighter than air.

* HHO has a number of distinct features that distinguish it from water vapor, Brown gas and other variants.

* In the production of HHO Gas, there is no evaporation process at all, the electric energy used being insufficient for evaporation. This feature alone establishes that the H2O Model 1500 Aquygen Gas Generator produces a new form of water that is gaseous and combustible.

* HHO Gas exhibits a widely varying energy content in BTU, ranging from a relatively cold flame (259°F) in open air to large releases of thermal energy, depending on its use. This is unique to HHO Gas, as all other known fuels have a fixed value of energy content in BTU/scf.

* The variable character of the energy content of HHO Gas is evidence that the gas has a unique structure with a chemical composition including bonds beyond those of valence type.

* HHO Gas does not follow the fundamental PVT law for gases.

* HHO Gas demonstrates an anomalous adhesion to gases, liquids and solids. HHO Gas bonds to gaseous fuels (such as natural gas, magnegas fuel, and others) and liquid fuels (such as diesel, gasoline, liquid petroleum, and others.

* HHO Gas instantaneously melts tungsten, bricks, and other highly refractive substances. In particular, measurements have established the remarkable capability of combusted Aquygen™ Gas to instantaneously reach temperatures over 10,000° F, under which virtually all substances on Earth can be sublimated.

* The measurements reported by Ruggero Maria Santilli suggest the existence in the HHO gas in stable clusters composed of H and O atoms, their dimers H–O, and their molecules H2, O2 and H2O. According to Santilli, these atomic and molecular bonds cannot entirely be of valence type.

* Santilli describes the creation of the gaseous and combustible HHO from distilled water at atmospheric temperature and pressure via a process structurally different than evaporation or separation, which suggests the existence of a new form of water.

* HHO is described to have the structure (H×H)–O where “×” represents the new magnecular bond and “-” the conventional molecular bond. The transition from the conventional H–O–H configuration to the new (H×H)–O species is explained as being a change of the electric polarization of water caused by the electrolyzer.


There is much controversy over the nature of HHO Gas. Many within the scientific community believe that such a gas is a scientific impossibility, or is highly unlikely. Some claim that such a revolutionary gas is nothing more than Pseudoscience or Free Energy Fantasy. There are some who believe that this “new” gas may in fact be old technology being touted as new technology. However further research into the properties of HHO Gas is currently being conducted, and the results may either confirm the findings or to prove that the findings are either inaccurate, or a hoax. The company has asked for independent research into the properties of HHO Gas, but it is not known if any such research has been conducted. Dispite the skepticism, the makers of Aquygen claim that they have engineered new electrolysis technology which turns distilled water H2O into a new and novel gas which has many unique characteristics. They claim that HHO gas is an Oxygen and Hydrogen hybrid known as a “magnecule” in a structure which has yet to be understood. These claims have not yet been verified through multiple independent research studies, however Ruggero Maria Santilli of the Institute for Basic Research has published the results of their original findings in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

News Coverage

The news media has done several stories on HHO Gas. The technology has been featured on CNN, FOX News, and NBC. According to the media the HHO technology is being shown to members of Congress, local government officials, and even NASA. An exhibit demonstrating the technology was displayed at The 2004 Governor’s Conference on the Environment in Kentucky. According to the press release by the Governor’s Conference on the Environment in Kentucky, Hydrogen Technology Applications Inc. has donated several HHO gas generators to Kentucky universities and technical training centers during its introduction program.


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