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What is resonance

Pinestone wrote:ltseung888 wrote:...The Pulse resonance frequency can be increased via unbalanced or balanced rotations...

This 'resonance' you speak of, do you think it is a product of electron-electron interactivity or is it something else at the sub-atomic level?

I would refer to string instruments rather then string theory.

Quote:resonance occurs on string instruments. Strings or parts of strings may resonate at their fundamental or overtone frequencies when other strings are sounded. For example, an A string at 440 Hz will cause an E string at 330 Hz to resonate, because they share an overtone of 1320 Hz (3rd overtone of A and 4th overtone of E).

I will try resonate with the question and the true wrath of resonance so that everyone may resonate with this thought perpetually.

ltseung888 wrote:With Infinite Cosmic Energy, we essentially have infinite wealth. Modern wealth is the quality and quantity of Meaningful Economic Activities.

This is resonance, here the economy resonates with the price of the resources. When JP Morgan invested in Tesla's tower and withdrew his investment within the right frequency then the whole project spontaniously imploded. Now that is resonance. Just like a push against the table with a random freq. the coffee doesn't resonate over the edge as fast as when you pulse/push the table within it's ossilatory frequency. Resonance is what allows us to exchange energy with the micro and the marco cosmos. Earths gravity, the spring, the magnet, the flywheel or the lever may exchange enegy back and forwards thus creating amplitude.

I will add this reference to finalise the ultimate simplicity of teh explaination. It should make you laugh really hard if you get it. I know I did...

Very Happy
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