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Channeling VortexÆtherscience theorems

Einstein was wrong simply because there are no closed system nor are there ideal configurations. The numbers shall never reflect reality as the system is intentionally unreal. Newton was also wrong, a perfect vacuum does not exist thus a body always suffers drag proportional to it's mass. Long before a perfect vacuum, while we remove the Æther the object will slowly "expand" without any limit and take up all available space. It will not become physically bigger from doing so but it will appear to have.

Space and the volume of it's Carrier are unrelated. The Æther cloud we are part of constantly changes shape without us noticing it. We may become hundreds of times bigger and smaller every second. The next dot to the left is still the next dot to the left.

It means your eyes are moving in and outwards with the same speed at which your desk is getting smaller and bigger. The center of expansion may be millions of light years away making us mover though space in almost random direction having almost random size.

This makes the perspective with which you view this universe extremely unique. There may be Penta billions of other galaxies in this same workspace it will be hard to hop from one to the other given their close to random jet infinite speed. A signal would be relatively easy but Am artificial gate probably requires building things at both sides. It may eventually be possible to get some nanobots down there after a few million years of active research. Nanobots like the organism we exist from. As time is just something we humans have made up it's quite possible we are part of a quick and dirty hack. They sure made the critters curious enough you know? ....ok, maybe you are a bad example. hehehe But the other galaxies/dimensions may be more accessible as that.

I had already established that there are no attraction forces in this universe, there are only pushing forces. The only rule of the galaxy is: "2 bodies can not share 1 location" the rest of the software is all coded up from this single instruction. It can be done so there is no need for any other extra silly effects.

So on I had now discovered how we have labeled gravity as a property of mass while it works the other way around. A gravitational well collects that kind of particles that do not fit though it up to a point where we macro citizens can see the blob appear. Trying to drag the lump away from the well makes the Æther vortex well follow it. The eventual shape and properties of the mass depend primarily on the properties of the "portal" meaning that sticking a lot of vortexi together will get you the kind of well that creates planet like shapes.

So gravity is the cause of earth existing. Earth is a property of gravity! We are the plug in the hole.

Slowly our Earth is swirling down the drain we call the sun. The sun does not look like a blocked hole to me alto it could be one. For sure the fusion reaction we see up there is the Æther soup gettin squeezed together, I think there probably is a whole galaxy of that hot stuff on the other side.

Black holes are the same only they are not as hot.

Who made mass constant anyway? What is that for weird assumption? The data may transfer from one carrier to another millions of times in no time at all and it's properties are all inherited from something we don't have a clue about.

People really are more funny as anyone.

The proofs are in the door Edward Leedskalnin fit into coral castle. His door was only supported in it's absolute center and it was placed perfectly vertical. This allowed the door to spin over the exact angle of it's gravitational vortex. It can be observed how the Æther is already rotating over this plane because if it already suffered this kind of drag one would not expect this same drag to happen again.

Apparently a standing wave can be harvested?

When in opposing bi-directional pseudo-motion an object accelerates very easily.

It wants to continue at both speeds.

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