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Email to Mitch: Governor of the State of Indiana

[David Snyder Roseland Indiana]

I quote from the comments on this page:


I'm sure you agree it's ridiculous that a person in the Netherlands has to email you about this. Should give you a good impression of how wrong things are in this footage.

The reason he is removed seems to be a felony in it self. How far above the law is a Major? Can he just refuse to let him speak, discard freedom of speech? Then order arrest? He was out of line, then ordered arrest, it seems awfully obvious.

I don't know if you've seen the video but the man is carrying a pile of paper and a video camera this is clearly visible, just like the assault. This means the attack claim is a clear lie.

1 - no floor
2 - no freedom of speech
3 - arrest without charges
4 - assult without charges
5 - fraudulent self defence claims.
6 - then kept him locked up overnight

If he would have attacked anyone it would have been the major who discarded his right to speak and his right to take the floor and had him arrested.

From that point on it's your responsibility Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. as you are the Governor of Indiana.

Thanks for your time and good luck.

-gaby de wilde

Governor of the State of Indiana: Ask Mitch

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