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fluorescent lamps are more efficient but at a high health risk cost

The writer draws the attention to the common claim that fluorescent lights are more efficient than orthodox Edison light bulbs. It is true that fluorescent lamps are more efficient to the tune of some thirty to eighty per cent (30 - 80%) but at a high health risk cost. Having been involved with problems pertaining to these lights some many years ago, i.e., during the late 1950's, I was commissioned to remove every fluorescent light fitting in every Totalisator Agency Board office throughout New Zealand for the purpose of fitting radio interference suppressors to eliminate radiated noise developed by the fluorescence radiation of the lights (more on this matter and its relevance to health a little further on) and simultaneously installing anti-interference antenna systems which I had invented and patented at that time. As always of an investigative mind, I decided to search further into this problem pertaining to these lights having found that the entire matter involved the "radio light spectrum" and other light frequencies which are invisible to the human eye whilst, however, radiating high levels of "radio active" energy containing the frequencies of x-ray, gamma and cosmic rays. There is no solution, even with total lead shielding of the starter unit, transformer capacitor sections and the tube cathode areas as it leaves the illuminating area of the tube itself free to radiate all manner of radio frequency and mercury vapour energies. The only way out is to outlaw them completely. The general public is completely oblivious to this lurking danger to their health.
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