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a colloidal silver patent

HI guys, Enjoyed reading your posts. Heres a true life story. I had 2 young girls, both were sick with ear infections, Dr's perscribed ammoxicillian over and over 2 winters they suffered. I see a chiro/naturopath Dr whom showed me colloidal silver and its antibiotic properties. I bought a kit to make my own with distilled water. made a batch, and gave it to the kids, within a minute the older said her ears were "bubbling" they were draining. the youngest was happy again. not more ear infection.
At the time I had read that the FDA was working with the calif U to find applications for colloidal silver. they were trying to deal with burn victims and control infection. noticed recently that Band AID has a new silver ion bandage. now they have a way to patient colloidal silver.
I've used colloidal silver to cure digestive trouble and skin infections
now there is the issue of heavy metals as pointed out by my Dr. however she has become a believer also since her twins had the same ear infection for 3 yrs and finally tried colloidal silver to knock it out. She said what a change in them, almost instantly.
sorry for going on like this, but i saw a miracle when they were cured. I've even had food poisoning and cured myself with a batch in minutes.
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Colloidal silver has been used though out thousands of years of history. I would personally go as far as to say this is what they used electricity for. The ancient Egyptians clearly had knowledge of acoustic levitation. They had professional musicians on the constriction site. It takes very little effort to work things if they have no weight. An electrical engine wouldn't be of much use. No, I assume they used Electricity primarily in the art of medicine.

A different approach to come to this conclusion is by recognizing our western science did have electromedicine. And it was hard if not impossible to introduce any new kinds of science in those days, they didn't listen to a single shaman or medicine man.

So in this vacuum of thought the application of electromedicine would need a little bit more as just an assumption to survive back then.

The commercially most viable kind of medicine was that of the butchers who still carve people open to this very day. We had a lot more methods, medicine use to be much more artistic as it is today. Not knowing anything about electromedicine does not put you in a position where you can compare it to current practice.

But after learning you can use the electric current to make Silver colloids, and knowing that those colloids do actually work. Then there isn't any excuse left to hack people open while pretending that's the only way. Because it evidently isn't.

If we are not going to look then we wont find any hidden treasure on this island.

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