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Believe me ... anti-Chavez Venezuelans are racist and classist ... and violent!

VHeadline commentarist Oscar Heck writes: Remember, dear readers, the many times I have said that most anti-Chavez Venezuelans are from the whiter-skinned mid-to-upper classes (approx. 20%) and that many of these whiter-skinned people have the habit of calling the poorer darker-skinned Venezuelans (approx. 80%), "monkeys from the hills?" Remember me saying so often that most anti-Chavez Venezuelans are racist, classist and violent? Remember me saying all this? I do ... because ever time I say something of this nature I get bombarded with violent hate mail and threats from anti-Chavez people and other people calling me a racist ... or I get scolded by "Christians" and other nice people saying that all people are equal in today's world and that it should be so and that I must be mistaken in tagging anti-Chavistas in such a fashion. I must promote equality, not talk about inequality. I must also be fairer toward the anti-Chavez people. They can't be that bad. I have often mentioned that I saw the hosts of a violently anti-Chavez Venezuelan television show called "Alo Ciudadano," publicly make fun of Mugabe (president of Zimbabwe) saying that "he looks like a a character from Planet of the Apes" ... but few people believe me. They must think that it is not true or that I am making it up ... and ... even after all the documented evidence of mass violence at the hands of anti-Chavez people since Chavez came to power, some people still do not believe it. But now I have a better example of what I mean... Watch the video (link below) about Chavez which has just come out on You Tube and then you will believe me when I say that most anti-Chavez Venezuelans are racists and classists ... and violent. - Believe me ... anti-Chavez Venezuelans are racist and classist ... and violent!

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