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Hacking the human delusion

"Doing something you think you can not."

Today I would like to prove to you in what way will power affects the results of what you do.

You see the reality is that we humans are quite pathetic when it comes to judging our own potential. i.e. we tend to think we cant do things.

You have no clue how bad our delusion is, I use to think I did. You are just as wrong as I was. hahaha

Here is a super simple experiment where you can see yourself do something WHILE you are still thinking you cant do it.

Both thoughts will run 100% independently while you are aware of it.

This will at least give you a much better picture of how silly our self inflicted disability really is!

Ok here goes:

You take a mirror and hold it over your head with your arm stretched out as far as you can. Position the mirror so that you can see your own feet it it.

NOW: Ask yourself if you think you can walk around the house looking at your feet like that. The suggestion will appear ridiculous, of course you cant possibly navigate looking at your feet.

THEN: You try walking and you will see you are quite capable of walking. If you take it easy it's impossible to bump into anything.

As long as you don't think about it to much it's not hard at all. It doesn't begin to become difficult until you decide it should be! O look I cant walk anymore? Who are you kidding? ha-ha

Remember, any observation is mostly made up of guess work. You cant assume reality to be exactly the way you observe it. You have to flag everything with a level of certainty. Everything should have a rating between zero and 97 percent.

In the realm of delusion some basic will power would make all of the difference.

As in fact truths between 97 and 100 percent are more likely to be wrong as right you can accomplish chain reactions of the seemingly impossible.

Unquestionable EQUALS unvalidatable

And if I can hereby prove the unvaildatable is insufficiently validated as a rule without exception the impossible becomes easy and miracles take just a little bit longer.

Here is the deal: you are the genius on this planet and everyone else is an idiot compared to you within your domain of thought.

This domain represents everything you have an interest in so it's safe to ignore every thing and everyone else both in and outside your mindset.

Honestly, they could never come up with anything useful. No, if great things are going to happen in your area of interest then it's you who made them happen. The idea any of those delusional fools would actually do something even close to that what you are capable of is probably the No. 1 delusion of all. HAHAHA

Nothing I wrote here is of any direct importance to you, it's only your thoughts about it that are important to you. You don't need this text beyond reading it because it was replaced by this "better something" you had made yourself.