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Sir Roger Penrose put the neuronal cytoskeleton
(microtubules) on the map in his celebrated 1994 best seller
_Shadows Of The Mind_. This book introduced the word
"microtubule" into the scientific world at large.
Based on the experimental work of Dr. Stuart Hameroff,
Penrose theorized that the microtubulin cytoskeleton of the
neuronal cells of the brain are actually a vast quantum
computer posessing some 10^19 bits/second of computing
capacity, and that this vast quantum computer constitutes
what psychologists have been calling the "Unconscious Mind"
ever since Sigmund Freud stopped smoking cigars.
Meanwhile, Hammond has recently posited that this
microtubule system could actually provide a scientific
explanation for the long touted (religious) theory of Life
After Death. According to Hammond, at death when the brain
EEG "flatlines", human consciousness descends (by default)
from the neuronal to the cytoskeleton level (it is known
that the cytoskeleton remains viable for up to 30 minutes
after death) and there, a lifetime-precomputed "death dream"
is read out from the cytoskeleton memory same as your
desktop computer can download a hour long video movie in a
few seconds.
This "death dream" only takes a few seconds to read out,
but it contains its own internal clock, hence the dream
contains, say, 5 years of conscious sensory experience.
Hence, while the bedside observer sees a person expire in a
few seconds, the dying person actually experience 5 years in
the Afterlife, in heaven, during those few seconds! Life
After Death, is actually life BEFORE death, and only APPEARS
to take place after death because of this "time dilation"
built into the death dream.

NOW.... is there any evidence to support this conjecture?

Well; I published this theory on Usenet a few minths ago,
and the first thing someone asked me is: Where is the
EVIDENCE that there is such a thing as "cytoskeleton
consciousness" and where is the evidence that human
consciousness "descends" to this cytoskeleton/microtubule
realm at death"?
I didn't have an answer then, but I do now! In the
following paper:
a Duch cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel answers our favorite
Scientific American skeptic, Michael Shermer who published a
widely read column in Scientific American in March, 2003,
practically frothing at the mouth about Dr. Lommel's
celebrated paper on Near Death Expriences in cardiac arrest
survivors in the leading medical journel Lancet. see:
Now as you may know, a person experiencing cardiac arrest
becomes unconscious within a matter of seconds. In fact,
within 15 seconds the brain EEG "flatlines" and the person
is cilinically dead. If the heart is not started within 5
or 10 minutes, the person usually remains dead permanently.
Now, Dr. Lommel studied 350 survivors of cardiac arrest
(most of them in Dutch hospitals) and discovered that 18% of
them reported having a "hallucinatory dream experience"
during the time they were unconscious. This dream exprience
is often called an "out of body experience" by the way.
Now the MYSTERY in all of this, is the fact that these
people have these dreams while their EEG is FLATLINED!! The
central finding of Lommel's research is in fact that these
people are dreaming while their EEG is absolutely flatlined!
NOW.... Lommel and many others (who are not physicists by
the way) tend to argue that this dream consciousness must be
coming from some source "outside the body" since it
obviously is NOT coming from neuronal activity in the brain.
Personally I doubt that it is, however, I am a physicist
while Dr. Lommel is a cardiologist.
Accoridng to my theory, what we are actually looking at
during one of these "near death exprieinces" (NDE's)
involving a dream state, is in fact nothing other than the
"CYTOSKELETON CONSCIOUSNESS" that I hypothesised in my
original post on Life After Death. In other words, THERE
NOW IS EVIDENCE that when the neuronal brain shuts down
("flatlines"), human consciousness DOES in fact pass on down
to the (subconscious) level of the cytoskeleton. And IN
In fact then, the so called "Near Death Experience" is a
direct experience of the "microtubule world" of
consciousness..... it is in fact a short "trip to Heaven", a
"priview of coming attractions" as it were. And when we do
finally die, we go there and exprience the full blown full
length movie known as "Life After Death".

I thought that was kind of funny.