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Improved wind turbine concept

Some days ago I was thinking of the classic using an electromotor to powering a dynamo setup.


Of course you get nothing free, rather 2 times the losses from the conversion to mechanical and back.

But bear with me on this one! lol

Horizontal axle windmills can have a huge diameter. This is so that the rotor tips can obtain enough leverage to get the thing into motion.

Of course this also means the base of the turbine is suffering that same momentum under all kinds of angles that are wrong.

The pole tends to becomes bigger as the prop to support that.

But what if we cut the rotor blades in half and stick 10 blades on the prop rather then 2 or 3?

Then it wouldn't come up to speed, specially in slow winds.

But we may just use a motor to accelerate it.

I know it sounds just about as bizarre as the wind car but I'm sure it could work.

motor + wind => generator

It should still generate more as it takes.