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An end to fuel consumption

The point of using browns gas with petroleum is that...

1 - browns gas is a self propagating reaction. So in stead of a single explosion you get a chain reaction that lasts much longer (more power)

2 - brown gas makes for a better burn, more power for your petroleum.

3 - Yull Brown's main discovery was in the implosion properties of the gas. After the self propagating explosive reaction the gas is said to implode 1:1860

So after extending the duration of the explosion the piston also does work on it's way back. Thus each cylinder applies power for a much greater percentage of the time.

Then there are plasma reactors...

Can combine this with browns gas of course. But I think industrial hemp would be the cheapest source over time and would create lots of local jobs.

Terry Lingle: it costs a lot more for a diesel engine. For example a 3/4 ton pick up is $7000 to $10,000 more than the gas equivalent. This is Enough that most new vehicle buyers never break even on a diesel vehicle. They trade it off before they break even. Maintenance costs are also higher and Resale value right now is terrible due to the higher fuel prices. The fact that a diesel engine is good for 300 to 500 thousand miles is irrelevant if it is in a vehicle that lasts 200 thousand miles.

People take the engine out of an old car when it has done its 200k then put it on a stand in a boat for example. You can also put it in the garage or in the garden. Send it back to the factory and have em revise it then fit browns gas fuel cells, plasma reactors ambient generators etc.

I was thinking to use the motor to recharge a light weight electric car. One could use the original diesel vehicle for laughs but it would be cheaper to use a light frame. When separated the charging load can be tuned to keep the engine running within it's maximum efficiency.

You cant drive a car on barely operational fuel mixtures but if it runs on the fuel it always makes enough power to charge batteries. If it tends to die we just decrease the load. A "normal" car wouldn't even move.

With fuel recyclers one could perhaps use the sun to draw extra heat (if there is any)

Peeps have all the details figured out, it's just the big picture that is missing.

60 mpg LOL

Just to name one, team Green Shell Eco-Marathon vehicle can do 6198 miles per gallon.

Thats not 600 but 6000! I hear in Japan they build one that does over 10 k.

Electric would be far less efficient but you also get acceleration which decreases the overall travel time dramatically. It should be easy to turn the 6000 mpg "entertainment" vehicle into a comfortable size 600 mpg electric car that goes as fast as a Tesla.

One can charge many cars with a single motor.:bigsmile: