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Terry Kenney - Electricity From Hydraulic Road Plates

It came to Terry Kenney while he was sleeping—a crystal clear vision of an apparatus that would harness the kinetic energy of gargantuan, smoke-spewing trucks to light up homes and businesses with energy that was safe, renewable, and completely clean.

Everybody said it was impossible. His father-in-law, who made a model of the invention to trot out before potential investors, told him in a moment of honesty that his idea just wouldn’t work.

Fast-forward eight years, and here’s Kenney, dressed in a crisply ironed shirt and slacks, standing in the compound of the largest terminal operator at the 255-acre Port of Oakland. A long line of trucks snakes its way to the San Francisco Bay, where two cargo ships wait to be loaded.

As the trucks power at low speeds across the plates, they compress a tank of hydraulic fluid under the road, which in turn creates a series of pumping actions that turns a generator to produce electricity. By June, Kenney projects the apparatus, which he dubbed the “Dragon Power Station,” will be producing 5,000 to 7,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity each day—enough to power up to 1,750 homes.
Inventor Generates Electricity From Hydraulic Road Plates

hehehe, I told a guy who suggested this it wouldn't work in 1990. Interesting how this again was a vision in a dream, can one find a meaningful invention that wasn't a dream or a childhood fantasy? Makes me wonder what all those dreamofobic "awake" people are wasting their time on doing all their meaningless- shall we say checkbook discoveries?