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Mastering Hollywood warfair

Using some Hollywood magic, the military creates a realistic simulation of ground conditions in Iraq to train troops. But the footage wasn't quite finished. So using Microsoft movie maker magic I have turned it into the hilarious slapstick the footage it really presents. Around both the slapping and the sticking I added some chunks of footage that I found on youtube, I think the video was produced by Alex Parker of Kansas for MTV's Choose or Lose Street Team '08 at The video contained ONLY natural sound! What kind of producer is that? I would say it's definitely not up to Hollywood standards. It was however a very informative film. I know it's just a dressed rehearsals with aktor Arab looking boogeyman but still - a director who forgets to add sound effects? Then it also needed some special effects. Like a wise man once said: Fool you once shame on you! ... I mean ... a fool cant be fooled again and again? anyway, ha - made you look!
YouTube - Mastering Hollywood warfair