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Alternative oil solution that is available now. It cost the United States 400 billion dollars to import oil "last year", seems a well rounded number given the barrels of oil imported and the 2007 price of oil. It has consistently, for many years, been the stated goal of the United States to reduce or eliminate its dependence on foreign oil, therefore, if any alternative energy source seems capable of achieving that goal, it should be pursued with the utmost vigor. We have here in the United States the only method known to man which can take any non-nuclear material containing carbon,and using this process, deliver a diesel quality fuel oil in two short hours! Despite the promise inherent in this system to not only alleviate our dependence on foreign oil, but to do so while contributing to a major degree in cleaning the environment.
YouTube - Free Energy 400 Billion Dollar Secret
Changing World Technologies (CWT), founded in August 1997, is committed to addressing the problems in the energy and environmental arenas. Bringing together the best technical and scientific expertise, our purpose is to identify emerging technologies and effect the commercialization of these programs to allow energy efficiency without further destroying our delicate planet.
Changing World Technologies, Inc.

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