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Part 2 of "A Breakthrough in Energy Technology" In a world of rising energy prices, peak oil, and carbon emissions, Ronny Bar-Gadda set out to find an alternative energy solution. RET has been five years in development and the patent has just been awarded. Could this be the solution to global warming and the energy crisis? Could this allow energy independence for every country? We hope this video will bring hope to our civilization and put the earth in a direction to heal itself from pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels.
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Genesys, LLC announces a major breakthrough in energy technology with the granting of U.S. Patent, 7,384,619, assigned to Bar-Gadda, LLC and licensed to Genesys, LLC. This unique technology called RET (radiant energy transfer) has the potential to eliminate global warming as well as provide inexpensive, renewable hydrogen from water. Water has the highest concentration of hydrogen of any known, stable, non-carbon substance. RET requires little energy in order to generate hydrogen from water. RET operates at room temperature, is scaleable and carbon neutral. The principle of this technology relies on the unique properties of the oxygen-hydrogen bond. By using electromagnetic radiation tuned to the O-H bond energy, RET breaks the bond with a minimal amount of energy. The rate of hydrogen production using this technology far exceeds that of electrolytic processes. The RET process generates its own electricity whereas electrolysis must obtain electrical energy from external sources, such as fossil fuels, to operate. The capital costs associated with RET are envisioned to be much smaller than with electrolysis process equipment.
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Method for generating hydrogen from water or steam in a plasma Ronny Bar-Gadda

Water molecules, preferably in the form of steam or water vapor, are introduced into a plasma. The plasma causes the water molecules to dissociate into their constituent molecular elements of hydrogen and oxygen. To prevent recombining of the constituent molecular elements, the hydrogen and oxygen are separated from each other. Various devices may be employed to effect this separation. Once separated, the molecular components are prevented from recombining with each other or with other elements by using standard separation techniques normally employed for separating dissimilar gaseous species.
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