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Langmuir debunks UFO's for SIGN ended up by two men being brought to Schenectady with a boiled down group of about twenty or thirty best cases from hundreds and hundreds that they knew all about. I didn't want them all, I said to pick out about thirty or forty of the best cases, and bring them to Schenectady, and we'll spend a couple of days going over them, and he did. Most of them were Venus seen in the evening through a murky atmosphere. Venus can be seen in the middle of the day if you know where to look for it. Almost any clear bright day especially when Venus is at its brightest, and sometimes it's caused almost panic. It has caused traffic congestion in New York City when Venus is seen in the evening near some of the buildings around Times Square and people thought it was a comet about to collide with the earth, or somebody from Mars, or something of that sort. That was a long time ago. That was thirty or forty years ago. Venue still causes flying saucers. Well, they only had one photograph or two photo-graphs taken by one man. It looked to me like a piece of tar paper when I first saw it and the two photographs showed the thing in entirely different shapes. I asked for more details about it. What was the weather at the time? Well, they didn't know but they'd look it up. And they got out some papers and there it was. It was taken about 'fifteen or twenty minutes after a violent thunderstorm out in Ohio. Well, what' s more natural than some piece of tar paper picked up by a little miniature twister and being carried a few thousand feet up into the clouds and it was coming down, that's all. So what could it be? " But it was going at an enormous speed." Of course the man who saw it didn't have the vaguest idea of how far away it was. That's the trouble. If you see something that's up in the sky, a light or any kind of an object, you haven't the vaguest idea of how big it is. You can guess anything you like about the speed. You ask people how big the moon is. Some say it is as big as your fist, or as big as a baseball Some say as big as a house. Well, how big is it really. You can't tell by looking at it. How can you tell how big a flying saucer is? Well, anyway, after I went through these things I didn't find a single one that made any sense at all. There was nothing consistent about them.
Langmuir Talk - Last Part

1 - He didn't review hundreds but chery picked the best one's. Picking the best one's is something you can only do after reviewing them.
2 - Most of them where Venus but there was nothing consistent about them.
3 - Enourmous speed has little to do with how far away something is. An old camera gives it's operator a very good idea how far away something is.

Howard Wright suggests there is an abundance of alien infiltrators.

The hundreds of thousands of sigtings suggest the military has reverse engineered the alien crafts very very long ago. Langmuir's debunkoring disinfo in it self is all the proof we need of this.

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