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Thomas G. Hieronymous

The Associated Press release of December 30, 1939, went further and said about Dr Rabi%u2019s findings, "Man himself as well as all kinds of supposedly inert matter constantly emit rays. The existence of such rays coming from man and all living things, and probably from the inanimate, has been suspected by a few scientists for many years. Today brought experimental proof. The discovery shows that every atom and every molecule in nature is a continuous radio frequency broadcasting station. Those who believe in telepathy, second sight and clairvoyance, have in today the first real proof of the existence of invisible rays which really travel from one person to another."Another Associated Press release next day states, "Scientists who have studied Dr Rabi%u2019s report said it furnishes for the first time a logical explanation of such things as telepathy, heretofore a quasi-scientific phenomenon, and the %u2018feeling%u2019 that someone else is approaching in a dark room. It may also prove to be the source of attraction or repulsion between individuals since all the atoms of the body are continually broadcasting weak but detectable radio signals."David Sarnoff, president of RCA, speaking before the 7th International Congress on Rheumatic Diseases in New York (June 1, 1949), said, "Men do not understand how their thoughts and emotions are born, and by what power they grow to fruition. Is this force electricity? When we understand each other, is it because we are attuned to each other electrically or electronically? If so, we should learn the electrical characteristics of the human body."
Thomas G. Hieronymous: Eloptic Energy... US Patent # 2,482,773, &c...

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