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Schumann Resonance

The first Schumann Resonance product was developed in 1974 by Dr. Ludwig in Germany. It is a small box which emits this resonance in the form of magnetic strobe. He worked with NASA to install a Schumann device on manned spacecraft. Dr. Ludwig worked at the Institute of Frequency Technology, is a doctorate of Physics, and currently develops medical therapy devices.

The earth has its own electromagnetic fields, but because mankind has evolved over thousands of years in these fields, he is not normally adversely affected by them. In fact, the Schumann Waves, which are pulsations of energy between the core of the earth and the ionosphere are essential to life, and form a basis for the "timekeeping" of biological systems - it has recently been shown that even each cell-division is timed according to these pulses. When the first astronauts went up into space, they suffered disorientation and malaise caused by the lack of Schumann Waves. Since then all manned spacecraft have had artificial Schumann Wave generators built into them. Blogs - Adam Flow Nemo MySpace Blog

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